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The Will To Win - Promoting Young Talent

We all know the old saying "look after the future, today", and this certainly rings true in the world of sport - and in our world, motorsport. There is a plethora of fantastic young talent out there, all working as hard as they can to secure everything they need to succeed in a cut throat business that can reap some amazing rewards and make dreams into realities. Unfortunately the path is rarely a simple one, no matter how talented a driver. Backing, sponsorship, partnerships and promotions are all absolutely vital in securing the present and future of our young drivers. They say everyone needs a helping hand in whichever path they choose, and as The Hard Compound has seen some rapid growth since our formation we have decided to assist some fantastic young drivers in any way we can on getting them further up the path to their ultimate goals - whatever those goals may be. With this firmly in mind, we are doing promotional work for, and seeking sponsorship and backing for Will Newnham who is competing alongside Excelr8 Motorsport (who have Senna Proctor and Chris Smiley driving for them in the BTCC this year) in the Mini Challenge UK on the BTCC / TOCA package this year. But who is Will?

Will is not only a driver, but also a businessman and engineer Essex, home to Trade Price Cars and what was formerly AmD/Cobra Racing among numerous others. With an ultimate dream of being BTCC Champion, Will started racing aged just 8 in small club cadet championships, but his progress was delayed due to a spell at boarding school. He returned to the track at age 14 in the HKC Junior Max Karting Championship and has remained fully commit to motorsport competing in the TVKC and BPKC championships, finishing 3rd overall in the latter. The following year saw a move into the coveted Super One British Championship, where Will constantly won the privateer and rookie cup. Heading into a final year of Karting, Will competed in the European Karting Championship and Benelux Championship with KR Sport who are widely regarded as the number 1 team in the UK. His experiences racing in Sweden, Austria and Germany among other countries gave Will vast and invaluable insights into the motorsport which he has carried forward and will continue to do – standing in great stead for the future. The year in Europe was highly successful and was capped off with a win in Belgium which highlighted this excellent young man’s talent and potential to compete on the biggest stage. Off the track as well as on it, Will is a hardworking and professional young man and before resuming his karting career he achieved achieving a flurry of A’s and A*’s at in his GCSE’s and going onto study Maths, Physics and Design Technology at A-Level. He now studies motorsports engineering at the university of Hertfordshire to gain him qualifications and further knowledge of all things mechanical and business in motorsport.

Will in action in 2019

The MINI Challenge UK is a significant step on the ladder to achieving his ultimate ambition, and you can get involved with providing sponsorship through one of the many fantastic opportunities available in his Sponsorship and Partnering Proposal, which is a available on request from

Please spread the word about Will and his requirement for sponsorship and backing, as we will doing all we can to help this terrific young driver out. If you are heading to a BTCC event in 2020, do make sure you watch the support series racing including of course the MINI Challenge UK - particularly keeping an eye out for Will out on track. He deserves every success. If you would like any further information on Will or are able to assist with sponsorship, please do message us on our social media pages below, or at Thank for your time, reader. Rich - THC

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