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Media accreditation, affiliations, disclaimer and copyright clarification. For legal reasons.

This website is in no way officially affiliated with The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), Motorsport Vision (MSV), Formula 1 or any of the circuits mentioned within it. It also has no official affiliation with any teams or drivers in any of the motorsports mentioned.

The majority of photographs and videos used within this blog are the property of the owner of this blog page. Any inclusion within these images and videos of products and services are coincidental and are not to been as unsolicited advertising. 
Any images and videos that are the property of teams, drivers, circuits, businesses, photographers, videographers, publishers and any other persons or establishments associated with the content contained therein are used with the prior consent of the owner. The owner of this blog claims no ownership rights to any images or videos, unless stated otherwise.

All opinions expressed on this page are those of the owner and author of the page only, and do not represent the views of any other persons or establishments shown or mentioned within this website.
The author of this page has been given permission by Dunlop UK to use photographs of their products.

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